The process invisibly begins
Hearing that melting sound anew
Experience that the Ices
Are letting you see
In your fragrant grace
You walk

Terraining a fresh uncertainty
The biological manuscript interruptedaFollow the path
Where the Friarmonk slowly learned
How to distress
The untouchable Purpose of Man
Knifes are unsharp
Of blind men using them
Constantly armed
In the circus of delivery

Let them show you
How to challenge the Prudence
In the operative mood
Let them prove you
How the exclamation marks
Reveal the secrets though

Disposition to grasp
The fake time-dimension
Boiling in God
And the man catches the rest
Concealing his own universality
That might to kill
Every try to be

Categorising the steps
Is the key
To Virginity
Drinking the milk
From reviving angels
Without to reproduce
The Picture
The Picture of God

Follow the path
Where the Friermonk slowly learned
How to protect
The milk of a Virgin
From not turning red

Garnish the misery with salve
From your very Soul
You act

Lavish the parts of the figures
Created of fermenting limbs
In forgotten consciousness
The Inapplicable Face is born
In your fragrant grace
You walk

Create me a link
To the gate of your death
To the range of unborn
Oh Xzoriath
Create me a link
To the range of unborn
To the gate of your death
Oh Xzoriath

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