My God, it's a slobberknocker
Moons in the motherfucking sky, hey
Business is about to pick up

Alright, oh ya'll pie shaving when facing 'em
Brown straight, no chasing that
Some people thinking that we lost our deep
Our DMV, there's no replacing them
Love relation, our relationship
Black and gold the cases like the Saints is playing
And it's safe to say that I'm here to save you, but I'm never praising just pay for that
Bought seven, brought eight with us
Below seven, but that ain't with us
I give that bitch this Wayne and I ain't bout to bring that broad no H&M
I said my  is ancient, better 
Bitch you ain't no gangster, you a lame for real
You a lame for sure, hate to pull your card and it's gone hurt the same just like a canker sore
Nigga fuck this game 'til my thang is sore
Nigga fuck the fame, make sure your name is strong
And I rep the squad, I never bang the 
But nigga brag or something I got a gang of combos
God dang, one small black man
So young, so witty, so talented
I done know a lot of men that 
Wrong nigga, I ain't going for no childish shit
Real life, I ain't going for no coward shit
Real life, I ain't really with the wilin' shit
Real life, I ain't really for the violence
But got banana clips if you niggas try and power trip
I'm the flyest the town I'm a product of
I got a lion heart, I got a line to call
Put your mind to half
Oh the irony this nigga been beside himself

[Jim Ross:]
This is a amazing accomplishment
For the love of God will you stop the match?
I'll say this he's tougher than a government mule
Listen to the magic

Hey Wale, It's Triple H, the Game
Heard you're moving out to L.A. it's hard for me to believe that
You were able to get yourself thrown out of the entire east coast of the United States
I don't know how you do that but err seems you've done it
So good luck out there on the err on the West Coast
L.A., make it yours man try not to get thrown out of there
I dunno where you are gonna go have to go south of the border after that or something I don't know, maybe go to Canada
But err, hey Monday Night Raw is coming up to the Staples Center, I'll leave you some tickets umm you know unfortunately Raw is a hot ticket man, it's hard to get err tickets so I'll do the best I can its probably going to be like getting nose bloods but err but you know you'll figure something out I'm sure, cheat, steal, whatever, make your way down to the floor. Anyway, err hey thanks for the support dude and err, oh yeah hey I'll look into that internship err that's almost th-

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