I'm just a spectator looking in
But I can tell you how I think things should've been
And all the reasons why the world's where it is today
Please listen to my words, what I have to say
You see, in Gaza they're fighting for land
You see, they need this land cause it's a part of their plan, understand
The Jews needed a place after Hitler
So they got about three quarters of Palestinian land
Palestinians then had to make refuges
In places like Lebanon
In places where none of them had ever gone
Thousands were massacred for not leaving
See, I'd do the same, kill me, I'll die believing
I understand the mind of a man who commits suicide
But don't agree with any innocent that has to die
And what's gonna happen after this? Will they stop with the Gaza strip?
I don't think so
I sat with a Jew to learn
He told me that's it's not meant to go to Israel until the prophet returns
I said is this true
He told me go and read the Torah
Cause if it's true, then they're following another order
How can a nation that knows what it's like to be slaughtered go and do the same to someone else?
I'm just a spectator looking in
But I can tell you how I think things should've been
A couple reasons why the world's where it is today
Please listen to my words, what I have to say
I don't know everything and never will I claim to know
What our purpose is and what we really need to grow
But I do know we're dying for a common cause
A global word that is well known, war
I've been to Africa and seen a grown man on the floor
Disabled to the point I couldn't look anymore
A real beggar, in a real state of poverty
But he prays everyday, so he knows that there's gotta be another life
Where he can live as a strong man
And the ownership of Africa doesn't end up in the wrong hands, Western palms
Buying and destroying people just to trade arms
Could someone tell me why Africa is just surviving?
The whole land was a resource plus they got diamonds
Used to be able to run your hand through the sand
And get a handful of diamonds, do you understand?
How precious is the land if it's like that?
You see, it's wrong to say it was taken by the white man
It was taken by the power hungry
And the people that never saw the beauty of Africa, fam
They only saw the money, to them it was the land of opportunity
It's terrorism when it's done by either you or me
Treat these words like my eulogy
And remember that I died being exactly what I choose to be
Insha'Allah we all can see
That God is the goodness in you and me
No religion has ownership
See, the Quran and the Bible and the Torah were all wrote with ink
See, I think the masses are miseducated
See, most of the politicians were born racist
See, it's obvious that somehow we're all related
Millions of years back, before we separated
I heard Tony Benn say it in a speech
See, how can you murder another brother because he's weak?
Your ancestors could have been cousins, so take a seat
And try and reason with your brother fam before you beef
I'm just a spectator looking in from my view
I'm not different or special, I'm just like you
Bleed blood and shed tears when my heart's hurting
I get energy from everything in life, I'm learning
How to say my thoughts, release my stress through my words
Make you visualise everything you've ever heard
Picture ancient Egyptians meditating
To the elements, telepathically debating
Until the pirates came in the form of tradesmen
Promised them a Paradise in exchange for a Heaven
Temptation and misinterpretation, so they jeopardise the whole of the nation
You see, a Paradise is where we might choose to go
But a Heaven is the place where the angels go
So they can reason with the prophets, not bathe in gold
And it's not late for no one to save your soul
I'm a citizen of truth, love and loyalty
Every person on the planet is royalty
These are my thoughts, how I look at things
Fam, I'm just a spectator looking in

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