It feel like just yesterday I was broke as hell
Livin life behind these bars like I couldn’t make the bail, shit
Workin at wings, start cookin chicken that was boneless
Til my sister kick me out before Christmas and I was homeless
Girl I ain’t mad at ya you know I love you the same
Cause all I did was light the fire to break up in this game
I had a girl for a while, she was the love of my life
Thought we’d have a couple kids, she’d be my lover, my wife
Til she felt it wasn’t working so I asked what was next
She said nothing and left me with that goodbye sex
That was 2010 felt like I would die then
Til I packed up the mics and fuck it all and fully dived in
Fast forward a couple years my flow is fully infectious
Up in your system like Tetanus, close to your heart like a necklace
In private events, Kevin Liles and John Gotti
Trey Songz and even Trey’s mom what a party
This the life that I’m livin, can’t forget where I came
Maryland just like Monroe man all of y’all know the name
It’s been a long time comin, and this music all I got
And even though I knew I’d always make it still who woulda thought
Def Jam, goddamn, but you know we keep it visionary
V’s up, til we on top like missionary
Conversations while the Empire State in the backdrop
Spittin bars with Nas on the Manhattan rooftop
Talkin business and predicting what quarter the tape will drop
15, writing rhymes, inspired by Illmatic
I’m still at it, every record I record leave the record shattered
Cause I’ll be in the lab for a month
Searchin for inner peace through meditation like a monk
I’ll be, makin that music, makin, makin that music that
Resonates from the birds to the hood
I remember wishin Yeezy would sign me to GOOD
But now we on the same label so the shit’s all good
And to be honest I’m glad that I did it myself
Cause I know what’s in store like I stock the shelf
All the hip hop fans, they gotta wait through the commercial
But they know the feature presentation gon be universal
That rehearsal thinkin bout my life
And how you know I refuse to be blinded by the light
And everything is all right
RattPack, Visionary all day it’s Logic
I’ll be spittin this never written ridiculous goddamn off the top of the dome
I’m murderin every single one of they chromosomes
I’m reppin Maryland to the fullest, push us but never pull us you know the deal
This is how we do it all the time, we keep it real
It’s that RattPack, hit you with a gat, crack crack
Like that never slack goddamn now can you feel it
Can I ride wit ya, paint this picture like I got it so ridiculous
I got it like that, ain’t no need for grippin the gat
Keep it ratt, never slack, motivation attack
Goddamn I could feel it this is strictly off the top
It’s never written cause that shit is forbidden
I’m never kiddin like the miss that’s on that birth control
Goddamn, the second that I feel the vibe
And yes I’m fuckin up so that’s how you know that this shit is so goddamn real
Tell me how you feel, how you feel, never squealed like that
Blat, hit you with a gat, sike nah
NYC to MD the L-O-G-I-C I’m reppin in
Yes I gotta get it, second that we steppin in
It’s strictly off the top
I could feel the energy, I ain’t talkin E-N-E-R-G-Y
I mean inner G, that’s the shit they never see
But I’ll hold supremacy, number one I bet I’ll be
Bitch I said I better be
Tryin to take my kindness for weakness
Get the better of me, fuck that
Never stop with that
This is how we doin, pack it back then I hit that
Ridiculous, understand it’s ridicule’less
You can never top this, you can never stop this
Hundred thousand first week, album when I drop this
Goddamn can you feel it that’s the man
Said it’s Logic

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