Bitches be pressed for paper
Chillin' with my homie sledro while he ignites the vapor
Life is a bitch and you cannot escape her
Unless you talking suicide
What the fuck you mean that I'm changin'?
Cause I finally gotta little bit of money and a range in my drive way
With a rattpack smoking on zimbabwe
Crankin' Sinatra that my way
Bitches they love it
Visionary nothin' above it
Get shorties wet when I rub it
Carbon copies they dub it

You used to hate it
Now you love it
Smile in my face?
I think nothin' of it
Yea I'll shake your hand
Kill em' with kindness
Homie this is young Sinatra at his fuckin' finest

[Verse 2: Logic]
This is for my independent women that is runnin' shit in high heels
Educated in business but majored in sex appeal
My shorty she gotta
Sportin' gucci louie and Prada
Looking beautiful in it all but I prefer nada
Yea, low maintenance and high scale
Type of shorty that when you get locked up she pay the bail
I used to follow my dreams until I caught up to em'
People talking shit but pay attention to what we doin'
It's never been done
Watch me go platinum just for fun
Far from materialistic but let me stunt son
You know what I be on, you know where I be at
The proof is within the numbers they slumber but now they react
I got 3 tapes, 0 tolerance one of the greats
Put that shit together and what you get that's where I'm from
The 301, smoking joints with your girl for fun
Stand strong and never run unless the po go for the gun like

[Verse 3: Logic]
We snatch it like interception
Met the girl of my dreams, her love resembled inception
Her sign was a leo
Me, her, and music that's the perfect trio
Spanish hunny we met in rio, future lookin cleo
Bitches be braggin
So much money my pants saggin
VMG is up-to-date but these businessmen be lackin'
Eve bit the apple, steve changed the world
Getting money like zuckerburg, my bank account is sterol
I am not defined by that in which I do possess
Cause all it takes is riches to get bitches to undress
I need drive in a lady, not a girl that drive me crazy
Need a girl that don't care if a drive a honda or mercedes
Spit fire like hades, I infect it like rabies
It's all that, shout out to them 90's babies
Never hesitate to supply the heat
What 6ix produces from his chest, we call that shit a heartbeat
I'm a king, you fuckas my pawns
Shortcut to the desktop, I am your newest icon
These bitches they love it, I truly can't stress it enough
Girl got them daddy problems that's why she be actin tough
Innocent in person, but in the bed she love it rough
Running away from reality to sniff coke and puff
So, let me get it the second I spit it you know that I did it all the people wanna come around
They used to hate it, but now they love the sound

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