Aye, let me just rap
I've upgraded while they've waited
Will they love it, will they hate it
Never fade it I evade it
Cause I never really want to complicate it
Think I've made it, yes I did
I'm giving them bars like a bid
Let me rewind it like a vid
"Did he just say that?" Yes, I did
And they wanna get it like I live
God damn mother fucker what I gotta give
Way back in DC, I live
On the way to that everlasting life
Will they rob you? Yeah, they might
Hold up, wait a minute, veer to the right
On this road to success, I've faced my fears
Then hop on that flight

I've upgraded
I've upgraded
I've upgraded
I've upgraded
I've upgraded

My bitch bad got a sick figure
Play one show and get 6 figures
We build bigger, money tall as a mountain, bitch
I've got Hilfigers, like goddamn
Yes sir, I know who I am
I'm that main man Martin, out here kicking out Pam
Just riding 'round with my Gina in that all-black Beamer
All the way from Maryland whipping out West Coast vino
Hold up, now check my demeanor
Yeah, your girl bad, my girl meaner
I've upgraded

I've got that Akira on the wall
I just can't follow their law
Swear to God that they know me
They don't know me at all
And its all right, it's alright
I've upgraded

Let me bring in them new kicks like Timbaland
I gotta reboot with this upgrade
My metaphors on Cloud 9 and the meaning behind them is so vague
Before I created this universe, I had to fly to the Bermuda first
6 on the beat then we queue the verse
Now I'm in another world when the flow emerge
Feel like I'm in a 5th element
I'm on my element lost in paradise
It's me, you and Leeloo Korben Dallas
In Fhloston Paradise
Never by chance like a pair of dice
I don't give a fuck about their advice
I'm on another planet, no I'm not manic, bitch I'm decompressed
Know they can't stand it cause I pilot it and manned it the best
All they demanded was I gave up and laid that dream to rest
Hold up, wait a minute, fuck all that shit
I left Earth ages ago to avoid and duck all that shit
You know when we on
Making music that's gon' survive for eons
Bloodshed from America to Sierra Leone
That's that shit I can't be on
That's the reason I be gone
Yes, I keep it professional
Like Luc Besson and Leon

I've upgraded
I've upgraded
I've upgraded
I've upgraded
I've upgraded

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