In the sky it's a bird, it's a plane, nah who dat?
Everybody want me to save them, I can't do that
Gotta little shine and they wonder where the lewd at
The life of an artist I had to pursue that

Superman all the time yea, true dat
That's why I laugh when they ask, "Man where the suit at?"
I love my family love my friends
But when it comes down to money see it all depends

Cause now I got new family, I got new friends
That I never even seen before, where does it end?
See I got loved ones and I got enemies
But at the end of the day I don't know the identities

So they love the entities
And people befronted me for the fame
Breaking in the game
Life will never be the same...
It'll never be the same

And they all like

You are... My...
Superhero (superhero)
I said (I said)
You are... My...
Superhero (superhero)

I was gone for a minute, came back in a flash
Spit crack up a dude's rock like dash
Any dame know I got game, go ask
This is my true identity- No mask

Most wish to get it and rub on a flask
I wish to get it and rub on her ass
Hip-Hop what I'm talking bout, you ain't on
And a metaphor means I am hands on

Out for the green with a buzz like Hornet
I ain't rip the game yet, I just torn it
See the good guy gets the dame
And if a shawty got a donk like Lois Lane

I turn into the paraphilias from X-Men
You ain't get it? I'm all about the brain
Step to the mic he a beast
Hungry in the game still looking for a feast

All about my dough on a rise like yeast
And I'm a keep going till a motha fucka deceased
See I stood on the side humbly, like Alfred
But now it's time to jump in the bat outfit

And I could give a damn if you doubt it
Cause when I hit the stage they shout it
Uh, Yea they shout it
(What'd they shout?)

They shout

You are... My...
Superhero (superhero)
I said (I said)
You are... My...
Superhero (superhero)

[Verse 3:]
No the flow never awkward man
Stepped in the booth the like, I'll be Damned
Kid opened his mouth and shocked me man
And I get the honeys wetter than Aqua-Man

See that's that sex appeal
I guess that'll add another meal to the deal
But right now I'm just trying to get a meal
In the bat cave sharpen in the skill

With an Iron-Man mindset, they can never steal
Villain on the mic though, yea I had to kill it
I wrote this rhyme in braille just for you to feel it
Let the flow pour for a minute but I gotta seal it

Hopefully now (hopefully now)
Y'all know me
Gotta grip on the game
Like it was fresh, about to sewn it

You are... My...
Superhero (superhero)
I said (I said)
You are... My...
Superhero (superhero)

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