Tryna get it like me, can't get it like me
Tryna get it like, like me
Tryna get it like, can't get it like

Chillin on the west side bringing out my best side
Where they only care about bitches and how big they breast size is
Yes I is on the come up gearing all you on the run up
Cuz you know I'm finna one up muthafucka uh
Pull up in the Benz while the homie smoking medical 
Only bring your friends if them bitches look identical
The pinnacle of what we doing they know we're around
Started from the ground, always gotta hold it down
Now they think they got it cuz they signed up on the dotted
But there's only so much money in the kid that gets allotted
Plus you probably don't even know how it is divided 
Muthafucka I got it

Acting like they got it but they really don't
Bitches say they love me but they really don't
Shut the fuck up and get out my face hoe (fuck out my face)
Talking all that shit but you don't really know
Put that pen to pad and watch em talk about it 
All I know is real life, they don't give a fuck about it
Take ya chain, ya bitch, ya car get the fuck up out it (uh)
Real is on the rise, all of yall demise
This is who I am so ain't no need for a disguise
I have been advised, by the greatest that made it to do it
Living legend's richest never knew it
This record was written right before I got on the stage
My mind racing reciting lyrics from pen to page
Bitch I bet I record this record on the radar 
Just because I said I was a Jedi, bust like Beretta 
Now feel my penetration, no hesitation 
This is warfare
Like a realer banana this get me iller
Fuck a feeling, this is the realist the symphony
Ima kill these epiphanies I can feel this
But you...

[Casey Veggies - Verse 3:]
Can't get it like me, I'm a real young winner
Might take you out to dinner
Tryna hit it all night, I put that on me
Baby girl gon' feel it I know she about the business
If she want it then she know she about to get it
Throw some D's on that bitch, pull up in that Audi Coup feeling like Hercules in a whip
Cuz I'm dealing it, got it off the dealership
We be throwing hard no muthafuckin censorship
Beezy can't squash how they tell what the dealy is
She gon roll with us like she need a ride to the crib (word)
She influenced me to go hard, shout out to my niggas that's gon go hard
We gon get the private player that just be the logic
Put my hands together, pray, then I doze off

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