Life of a don
Top 5 Mc's you gotta rewind me
This what ya'll been waitin' for ain't it. 

[Verse 1: Logic]
Chilling with my team counting this fucking money
I stay with presidents like special agents honey
You get it from the bank
I get it from the mint
Only new bills call me the fresh prince
We gon' take over the whole world
Real all the time
Ratpack so thorough
Used to rock stones
And now my shorty wearin' pearls
Fuck with grown woomen no time for these lil' girls
I used to think about the things in which I never had
But now whenever I reflect it only makes me glad
I went from H.O.C. to chauffeurs in the HOV
But hustlin' tapes like they was keys
So much paparazzi catch an epileptic seiz'
I used to struggle with this shit now I kill it with ease
Started nation wide now I'm tourin over seas
Life of a don money blowing in the breeze

[Verse 2: Logic]
They say time is money and I spend most of that one rhymin'
I eat filet mingnon reminisce when this was ramen
Yeah yo chain shinin'?
But my aura is blindin'
I'm sick of us currency
I want millions and diamonds
Ya'll roll blunts, we roll cubans
Sound of my city so soothin'
Check my method man bring the suits in
Haters we leave em oozin'
Headed to the top penthouse where we movin ha!
Bless the mic with my presence and then I teach ya
Listen carefully as I beseech ya
If I never meet ya
I hope my lyrics reach ya
Some like they keys white homie I prefer Alicia

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