Hmmm, yeah! (Sinatra)

Aight, yeah, yeah, homie I'm comin'
I'm coming and I'm never gonna give up
My mentality is making rappers feel like
They can never even live up to Logic
You bust I dodge it
Think you seein' me, nah, you just miragin'
I'm gunnin, I'm gunnin like a semi-automatic
That's really equipped with lyricism, I'll let 'em have it
I blast it, any style that you comin' at me with
I master it, I slam mothafuckas that I'm out on you bastards

(Syke, I'm just playin' with y'all)

Yeah, you know I had to keep it going
Kid rhymes that blow minds and see foreign
Real recognize real and you lookin' foreign
I was spittin' flows before I was even born in the womb
And I'm a keep it up until the tomb
And as for the fame, yeah I know it's coming soon
Cause I'm goin' in raw, finna bust up in your room
I hit a beat and it's ergence to emerge in the game
Pukin the dukin's I'm too sick to spit that Yoga flame
The way I figure this is rap second renassaince
Spittin' dirty sentences, so I'll they affecting medicine
Ha, I'm havin' sentence spittin' fire like a demon
As the internet I let my flow to get to streamin', I'm beamin'
Flawlessly listen in that women in yo head while you dreamin'
Leo Dicaprio flow all up in that bitch schemin'
Tryna' get you to buy that album, tryna get you feenin'
See my vision as I commentate it
You wanna see naked rerun of the bait but the hater ate it
Success is truly overrated
I've seen caster with a blow up to pop and get deflated
See yeah, you made it but all your fans hate it
And it's kinda lookin' like you were sittin' negotiatin'
When it comes down to the rap game you see I'm intergrated
Half white half black I had it incorporated
Get the money

(Whoever did this is a real pro)

Yeah, I'm just a youngin' with a dream
With expenses 'til sixteen
Quite the microphone fiend
Now the rap is not mean
When I step up on the scene
All the girls see my scheme
'Til I open up my mouth and they find out my lyrics mean
Had I meet up with Raheem
Drinkin' a whole team
But before I execute a perfect plan I gotta scheme
Cause right now I'm on the dolo
Everything about this tape I did it on the solo
Yeah, I said it's hurricane Logic
Remember they can't dodge it
They gon' be bumpin' me from the birds to the projects
I get on the mic and excite anybody around me
You're probably wondering why the boy has not found me
It's not that easy, I gotta work from the ground
Be the center of attention, look at the people around me
Black on the inside, my outside Ritz
What's a cracker without a cheese
I gotta stack chips

"Would you care for a glass of grape juice?"
"Nigga, what the fuck is juice?"
"You have interfered with our affairs for the last time"

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