Multi-million dollar deals, got a million dollar deal
When I was younger, I would wonder how a million dollars feel
And forreal, it feel like I ain't even broke a seal
Cause when you drop hits they want you to pick up the bill
Now my, life is in Maryland, my heart is in Chicago
New York state of mind but out LA man that's where I go
When I need to lay this shit down
So much on my mind that's the reason I'm spittin' now
Finally running the game and everybody trippin' now
But I can't give a damn I got they bitches drippin' now
Moet we sippin now, yeah we came a long way
I know a lot of people thought they'd never see the day
That we get big like Notorious, cause we battle like warriors
In the state of euphoria, my team is so fucking glorious
So I'm a love life while you live life
Cause I ain't perfect but I do my best to live it right, yeah

Are you... ready to go
I know the city getting ready for me
I know the city getting ready
Are you... ready to go
I know the city getting ready for me
I know the city getting ready

I should have took the time to understand the world
But I was just too busy tryna understand them girls
I never told anyone but I asked my ex to marry me
A couple months later the bitch buried me
And I know what y'all thinking
"Logic, there's still hope, keep yo chin up mothafucka, ain't no reason to mope
Plus you got a lot of money and your music is dope"
What's all the money in the world if yo heart still broke?
But let's get back to the subject cause I was all for the topic
Hand me the mic and I rock it, they say they hate it then jock it, shit
I remember no heat in the winter time
Now that I'm eating haters griling me like dinner time
Tryna make a living off of what we've been giving
Since a youngin' I've been driven, just tryna do it how I do it, huh?
From my city, to your city, to Chi city
We blowing up at high velocity, wadddup

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