Somewhere this shit done got crazy
I've just been driving Miss Daisy
With my hands on the steering wheel
And my eyes on the pavement
I give a fuck 'bout where they went
I owe my lawyer a payment
They talking 'bout no arraignment
Now I wonder where the rain went
I just been all in my mind, homies tell me I'm stressing
I been counting what's on my bucket list and not on my blessing's
I think it's time for a lesson, hold up, you better pay attention
I can't end up like my momma popping anti-depressants
My therapist think I'm crazy, well shit, she probably does
All that stress I'm under, I wonder why I don't do drugs
Raised in a household full of killers and thugs
Shit I've been in doubt so long, don't know who I was
But I know who I am, yes, I know who I is
Please pardon my grammar, Daisy vibing with this

[Hook - Logic:]
I've just been driving [2x]
I've just been driving Miss Daisy [4x]

[Verse 2 - Childish Gambino:]
That Bino the realest, uh, this beat made me kill it, uh
Her feet to the ceiling, she said that she love me
She never said that in college, 3005 is our mileage
I'm in my lane like a Prius, because I'm moving in silence
You still ain't broke down yet?
All the flashing lights and a couple Crown Vic's
Wanna rock a crown and a ring on the left
Tell your nigga speed up, she don't wanna get left
Relationships look closer in that rearview
Finally slow it down and realize she ain't nowhere near you
So now you gotta stop, park, put that shit in neutral
Yeah, you really love her, but is she worth your future?
Your Ciara, your Beyoncé, they'll be saying he got money
Think that Kim be with Kanye if he left drive in the driveway?
Yeah, I know who you are, yeah, I know who you is
We were driving together, when we met we were kids
You ain't know 'bout the biz, I ain't know 'bout it either
I see you in that new ride, I flash my lights when I see you
I just be driving

[Hook - Childish Gambino & Logic]

[Outro - Logic:]
Turn left on West Deer Park
Doing ninety on the highway, we gon' do it my way
Ninety on the highway, we gon' do it my way
Ninety on the high [4x]
I've just been driving Miss Daisy [4x]

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